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the urgent need

Behavioral health is hard to measure

A reliance on subjective assessments, a lack of standardized terminology, and insufficient biomarkers or lab tests limit data collection and present challenges for accurate measurement of mental disorders. These problems are now at their most critical point, with the field facing a surge of mental health crises and a shortage of clinicians.

We need new solutions, and we need them now. Enter HolCare EHR+, with built-in measurement-based care.


Reimagining Health IT

HolCare EHR+ is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art electronic health records platform designed to meet the needs of psychiatrists, therapists, outpatient mental health agencies, telepsychiatry groups, research organizations, and other disruptive care models. Innovative features of HolCare EHR+ include:

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Built-in Measurement-Based Care (MBC)

MBC has been proven to improve care, increase response to treatment, help clinicians make better decisions, and contribute to better outcomes. When not integrated directly into an EHR, MBC is difficult to implement and can diminish productivity. With fully integrated MBC, HolCare EHR+ provides an easy way to collect measures that are meaningful to patient care.

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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

The HolCare app provides a mechanism to receive updates from clients when they are not in the office in order to provide a more complete picture of their mental health. HolCare EHR+ combines patient and clinician data that is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard. HolCare EHR+ tracks the entire patient journey, both in-clinic and between visits to provide a comprehensive view of patient health.

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Thinking Beyond the Golden Thread

Treat patients faster, reduce errors and reduce clinician burnout, every day. The Golden Thread ties elements from the initial assessment to the treatment plan, ensuring that information both within the clinical setting and beyond is reported in clinical documentation and outcomes measurement.

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Superior Interoperability for Healthcare

HL7 FHIR native support enables the use of any third-party health care technology.  This standard eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming “custom integrations” in favor of a platform that can share both clinical and non-clinical data with partners.


HolCare EHR+ is a feature-rich end-to-end solution

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Built-in measurement-based care

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User dashboards

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Easy-to-use, unlimited templates and forms engine

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Patient-reported outcomes

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EPCS with available PDMP check

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Patient portal

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Integrated revenue cycle management

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One EHR, many applications

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Benefits for Psychiatrists, Clinicians, and Mental Health Agencies

An end-to-end, easy-to-use Electronic Health Records solution with scheduling, dashboards, unlimited assessments, treatment plans, and note templates. Standardized assessments include PHQ A-9, GAD-7, CAGE, and more.  EPCS, telehealth, patient portal, apps, revenue cycle management, and reporting.

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Benefits for Researchers

HolCare EHR+ combines a gold-standard clinical interface with a comprehensive psychiatric database to document outcomes, diagnoses, medications, and adverse reactions. This helps researchers to explore drug label extensions and new indications and to analyze adverse events.

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Benefits for Telepsychiatry groups and other Disruptive Care Models

An end-to-end, easy-to-use Electronic Health Records solution with native HL7 FHIR support empowering you to cost-effectively interface to any third-party partners.


A Holistic solution to improve outcomes by combining software, data and analytics

Present state

HolCare EHR+ drives higher quality care and better outcomes through better data.  

Our interoperability enables easy integration with any third-party solutions that can help drive care. In addition, the use of several class-leading solutions can be easily accessed and linked to better care.

Coming soon

HolCare EHR+ will have features that allow for even more data to be gathered from patients who are willing to share data.

Information about sleep, activity level, patient-reported outcomes, and other wearable devices can be accessed in between clinical visits. This feature will also help facilitate a new generation of clinical research that can help drive the development of new treatments faster and more affordably than before.

Future roadmap

In 2023, we will continue on our journey of improving care through better evidence by integrating Holmusk clinical analytics tools directly into our EHR workflows.

Routine HolCare workflows will include visualization tools that describe patients’ care journeys, as well as prediction models for a wide range of clinical problems, such as hospitalizations or self-harm.


What our customers are saying

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Jane Doe

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I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

Jane Doe

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I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

Jane Doe

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I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

Jane Doe

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We're Here to Help

As a health technology company we know that software is only as useful as its impact. Our team has spent years building expertise in the intricacies of behavioral health, and we will work collaboratively with you to help save you time and improve your patients’ lives.

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Training and Reference Tools

Rapid onboarding and training with dedicated customer support plus in-depth tutorials and FAQs.

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Customer Success

Dedicated support to help you get the most efficiency from HolCare EHR+.

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Advanced Analytics Services

Tap into our data science and machine learning expertise for custom analytics.

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Over 300 psychiatry-specific labels

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NLP model trained on notes from over 11,000 clinicians and 6 million data points

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Disease severity score for every encounter


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